No Slack!

"Shining rainbow in the heavy sky", taken at Changhua, Taiwan. (July 27, 2008)

During the livelong four months, from March to June. In order to prepare my master degree thesis proposal, I haven't gone home for a long time. Eventually, I had finished the oral examination on July 21. It was really a tough and alarmingly passage, but I thought that would be another good beginning.

After finishing these annoying things, I went to my hometown Changhua last weekend for participate in my grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration. Thank God, I could breathe deeply and freely in few days! Unfortunately, Typhoon Phoenix came with my poor vacation.Beside the damn typhoon, I passed three days with my father, grandmother and cutest doggy, Hei-Lu. Last weekend I was so lazy, so abandoned and so "ZEN", but a grand don't come for free, I must get up steam quickly. Anyway, no slack again!

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